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 Snake Identification Needed Please :)

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Snake Identification Needed Please :) Empty
PostSubject: Snake Identification Needed Please :)   Snake Identification Needed Please :) Empty5/2/2011, 5:55 pm

I bought this snake a few days ago, I couldn't resist it, I love it's colors and patterns.
The pet shop labeled this snake as a "Ruby Eyed King Snake" but upon doing some research, it seems close to different kinds of other snakes.

I don't know if these are just different names for the same snake or if they are all different subspecies.

This is the list I have about what this snake can possibly be based on google.
• Ruby Eyed King Snake
• Levander King Snake
• California King Snake
• Banana California King Snake
• Albino Banded California King Snake
• Ruby Eyed Lavender King Snake.

Most likely, the chances are that it's a california-kind snake. But I want to make sure. I want to know what my snake is for sure so I can find information for it quicker and take care of it the best of my abilities.

Here are a few pictures of the snake. Help very much appreciated.

Click for full!

Snake Identification Needed Please :) Th_2011-04-30073148copy-1

Snake Identification Needed Please :) Th_2011-04-30073448copy

Snake Identification Needed Please :) Th_2011-04-30073532copy-1

Snake Identification Needed Please :) Th_2011-04-30073548copy
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Snake Identification Needed Please :) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Snake Identification Needed Please :)   Snake Identification Needed Please :) Empty5/30/2011, 4:07 am

i dont know much about colubrids but this other website i frequent are really helpful on all herps.
ball pythons. net
they have a section for colubrids and im sure they could help you if noone here confirms.
but it looks like one of the lavender kings or a bannana to me.

its a nice looking snake though,you should get some closer shots of his or her face that would help with determining and if not would help me get a closer look Smile
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Snake Identification Needed Please :)
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