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 Scorpio maurus

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PostSubject: Scorpio maurus   Scorpio maurus Empty5/23/2009, 7:11 pm

Once I was careless & got "zapped" by my little Israeli flatmate Neutral
I kept him in a glass tank that is 12"x6"x6" (currently occupied by my latest Desert scorp, smederingus 'dune scorpion).

The lid is glass & is almost impossible to drop into the tank......well almost Rolling Eyes I did manage to drop it in one day at an angle & proceeded to remove it. It was resting on a terracotta half plantpot hide, occupied by the marus. It was daytime & I thought marus would be terrified & huddled up inside. He wasn't! he was pissed off & came out while I stupidly got my finger tips under said glass lid! They dont attempt to pincer you, it was straight Telson to the forefinger Shocked I was caught on the fingernail edge near the quick on my right forefinger. Felt like a wasp sting with no immediate effects. These little critters are quick & known to sting. I am right handed & write with that hand, of course. Later, there was redness further up my hand across the back & the finger was sore for a while. Given the speed of the attack, I doubt much if any venom was delivered to the wound. I shall be carefull with the current occupant, he is quicker than marus was & no doubt can be a little venomous! Basketball
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Scorpio maurus
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