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 Male emperor died

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Male emperor died Empty
PostSubject: Male emperor died   Male emperor died Empty9/28/2017, 7:43 pm

Hello I'm new to scorpions, I had 2 of them since they were little being born on 2014 recently the female one gave birth to a lot of scorpion babies I read online the mom needs to be alone in the tank with the babies so I took out the male put him in a plastic container with substrate and food, few days later he's dead I don't know why he died he had food and temperatures are fine can someone explain me why this happened? my friend said it was my fault but I read several sites that said the mom needs to be alone in the enclosure with the babies before taking the male out the female was being aggressive towards the male if he approached her so whose fault is it? these 2 were my first pet scorpions now my friend said the female won't have her companion I also want to know if I can keep the mom with the babies even if they're grown or do I have to separate the babies once they grow up and leave the female alone? I counted from 20 to 30 babies but since she went inside her cave I don't know how many are there either way I might have to use a bigger tank cause they were in a 10 gallon tank I do have big tanks but need to get substrate
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Male emperor died
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