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 First scorpion suggestions.

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First scorpion suggestions. Empty
PostSubject: First scorpion suggestions.   First scorpion suggestions. Empty10/12/2016, 3:26 pm

Hey all, I live in the USA in North Platte NE. I am just getting started to look for a hobby and Scorpions have always drawn my fascination. I would like to eventually own a Deathstalker (Leiurus quinquestriatus) or maybe a Fat Tailed or the Indian red but would like to know what is the best out of the 1500 sp to start with. I would like to own a more aggressive/active one so I may enjoy watching them feed and move about as well as get used to handling more active scorpion. I have done lots of research but none of that has experience of forum based owners behind it. So please Feeeeeed me your input. PS. Im not a huge fan of the desert scorps.
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Callum B
Callum B

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First scorpion suggestions. Empty
PostSubject: Re: First scorpion suggestions.   First scorpion suggestions. Empty10/13/2016, 5:34 pm


You're not a fan of desert scorpions, but you list 3 arid/semi-arid species as your dream species? Laughing

I'd have recommended Hadrurus arizonensis as a good first scorpion that meets your requirements of being relatively active and ''aggressive''. However, it is a desert species.

Heterometrus spp.! Large, black scorpions from hot, humid areas. Easy to keep, although not particularly active.

.....there are so many species that would be suitable. Even the more venomous species are fine as ''starter'' scorpions so long as you use common sense and caution.

Babycurus spp., Rhopalurus spp., some Centruroides spp. and Tityus spp., most Hottentotta spp. would be ok if you keep your head screwed on and behave sensibly when handling them (handling meaning, feeding, maintaining etc., not actually handling).

Research some more, find a species that really interests you. If it's easy to keep and not too venomous, go for it.
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First scorpion suggestions.
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