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 Planing on becoming Scorpion parent - Looking for suggestions

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Planing on becoming Scorpion parent - Looking for suggestions Empty
PostSubject: Planing on becoming Scorpion parent - Looking for suggestions   Planing on becoming Scorpion parent - Looking for suggestions Empty2/26/2015, 7:20 pm

I apologize because this probably belongs in the "new owner" thread but I'm not an owner yet and am looking for some advice before I bring an Emperor, or more, home.

But my background is that my wife an I have a taste for the exotic you could say. We live in Pennsylvania, are both 26, and can afford/have time to care for high maintenance pets. We have adopted two wolfdogs and own three panther chameleons already and are looking to expand our critter family with emperor scorpions (we'll also be adopting a toucan this fall). I've always had an interest in scorpions and my wife is hesitant but ok with the idea. She just thinks they're a little creepy so caring for them will be my responsibility at first.

We are used to going through all the background research and then preparing for higher maintenance pets. For example, we bought a house, put up a fence, butcher meat, etc...for the dogs and the chams have hand built cages to maximize space, their own room which I've outfitted to be temperature and humidity controlled automatically, the lights are timed, we have a heat lamp/UV lamp replacement schedule, and so on and so forth. So I've done my research, have tanks, equipment and such.

My plan is to keep the scorpions in our lizard room which never drops below 70oF and is as high as 90oF even in the winter. The humidity is a struggle in our dry winters but is at least 35% outside of the cages and a minimum of 60% inside due to their plants (normal is 65%-75% in the winter even when it's dry).

My research has shown that unlike chameleons, who get stressed by their reflection and can't live in glass enclosures like fish tanks, scorpions have no issues in the tanks. That will really help humidity concerns and beyond that I'm not concerned about the temps. The biggest question I have is how many can live in close quarters. It seems like they're social and prefer groups if there's enough space but not too much that they can't catch their food. I personally believe mental health and socialization is just as important as anything else and want to make them as relaxed and happy as possible. Currently we have a pair of tanks both 20"x12"x10". Is that enough for a pair each or better suited for a tank each? Are they better off in groups because if so I will get a  larger enclosure. Finally, is there anything else pertinent to know from more experienced owners that isn't a common point of discussion on new owner tutorials?

Really looking forward to any feedback and can't wait for it to happen.

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Planing on becoming Scorpion parent - Looking for suggestions Empty
PostSubject: Re: Planing on becoming Scorpion parent - Looking for suggestions   Planing on becoming Scorpion parent - Looking for suggestions Empty3/1/2015, 1:07 am

They can be kept much like asian forest scorpions allowing a standard sized 10 US gallon tank (i think that's about 21"x10.5"x12") per scorpion on an average basis. Humidity can be easily solved by reduced ventilation, a water bowl (if you're getting a sub-adult/adult) and live plants inside the enclosure making sure mites in the substrate are kept in check (by adding in isopods and springtails that would otherwise feed on or compete with the mites). Otherwise i think you're on the right track.

There are a lot of info on the emp scorp subsection as well as topics that may well be one of your future concerns so take your time to read thru since most of the peeps here are busy at the moment.

and by the way, welcome to the scorpion forums! Very Happy
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Planing on becoming Scorpion parent - Looking for suggestions
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