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 Whats NEW on All-Scorpion-Forum !!

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Whats NEW on All-Scorpion-Forum !! Empty
PostSubject: Whats NEW on All-Scorpion-Forum !!   Whats NEW on All-Scorpion-Forum !! Empty12/10/2012, 8:52 pm

Whats NEW in the forum!

1. [Discussion] Mesobuthus spp. - DolbyR

DolbyR wrote:

Calling out all Mesobuthus spp lovers for discussion regarding their husbandry and breeding projects. Discussion is open for all Mesobuthus spp. Feel free to post your queries or chip-in for some informative discussion with the keepers here.
Mesobuthus caucasicus:

Whats NEW on All-Scorpion-Forum !! IMG_1402

Check this space for more..

2. [Sharing]Your top 5 scorpions - Callum

Callum B wrote:

I spotted this on a UK snake forum and thought I'd steal it for here Smile

I've kept quite a number of different species now and I've enjoyed them all. However, some species in particular have stood out as being particularly great. Be it for their looks, behaviour, ''attitude'' and so on.

I'm sure others will feel the same and have their favourites. They could be in your collection now, maybe there was a species you had in the past that you loved and would do anything to get your hands on again, you could also include species that you've never kept but have admired and coveted since you first read about or saw a picture of it.

So, lets see your top 5 favourite species.

I want pictures and maybe a reason why they've made your top 5.

Pandinus ugandaensis

Whats NEW on All-Scorpion-Forum !! DSCN0810

Check this space for more..

3. [Sharing][Case Study] Rescuing Abandoned Desert Scorpion Babies

~*GS*~ wrote:
Specimen: Parabuthus liosoma

A few of the babies got tangled by the fluids of an undeveloped embryo:

Check this space for more..

4. [HOW TO] Identify a premolt scorpion

~*GS*~ wrote:

Check this space for more..

[HOW TO] Clayless & Hideless Setup for Burrowing Desert Scorplings by GS

[ASA] Tityus stigmurus caresheet by GS

[ASA] Hottentotta hottentotta caresheet by GS

[ASA] Centruroides margaritatus caresheet by GS

[HOW TO] Ridding Tropical Enclosures of Mites by Streettrash

[HOW TO] Correctly handle a scorpion by Callum

[HOW TO] Incubate 1.instar Scorpling by GS

Feel free to check out the links bellow for the complete set of [ASA] caresheets and [HOW TO] Guides/Tutorials:

[ASA] All-Scorpion-Archives

[ASA] All-Scorpion-Archives

[HOW TO] Scorpion Guides / Tutorials

[HOW TO] Scorpion Guides / Tutorials

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Whats NEW on All-Scorpion-Forum !!
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