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 Consequences of Breaking Rules

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Consequences of Breaking Rules Empty
PostSubject: Consequences of Breaking Rules   Consequences of Breaking Rules Empty11/27/2008, 10:16 pm

As the forum grows, the staff has decided that it has become necessary to enact consequences for members that break rules.

Although many members may disagree with a "points" system, it was the most logical and easy to use choice that we had.

Every time a post is in direct violation of our rules, the post will be edited and the poster will be given a "point" and notified of this fact. Staff are not above the rules and are also subject to points if they violate them. At certain point levels, infractions will be issued.

3 points: five-day forum suspension, one-month I6 suspension (if applicable)
6 points: two-week forum suspension, permanent I6 suspension (if applicable)
9 points: in the event someone receives a third infraction (i.e., a ninth point), the staff will discuss the situation and decide on an appropriate course of action on a case-by-case basis, from a longer suspension up to a permanent ban of the forum.

Note: The above serves only as a general guideline. On rare occasion, an offender may be immediately receive the maximum infraction (leading from a longer suspension up to a permanent ban of the forum), depending on the seriousness of his/her rule breaking (as decided by the Admin Board). Generally, be nice to others and respect the rules of the forum, and hopefully, no one will receive any infractions.

The Scorpion Admin Team

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Consequences of Breaking Rules
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