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 April Contest:What the...I'm seeing double.RULES

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April Contest:What the...I'm seeing double.RULES Empty
PostSubject: April Contest:What the...I'm seeing double.RULES   April Contest:What the...I'm seeing double.RULES Empty4/10/2008, 11:24 pm

Yes it's that time of the month folks. Your admin has been slacking off and forgeting to put up his contest so this one will be worth 20 scorpocredit. WHat is Scorpocredit? Read the Announcments PEOPLE!!!!!!! Rules are simple I just had my scorpion molt and if you see my pic you know I'm not the best photographer. So I wanna see YOUR PICS. Get a pic of recently molted scorpion....hey you know what I'm in a good mood. Get a picture of a newly molted BUG with it's old exoskelton still in the picture.
-Three pictures max
-Photoshop NOT allowed this time
-Each picture can be of a different bug
-Have Fun Guys!!!!

DUE DATE: eh.... Let's say May 12 (12am, Pacific time)
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April Contest:What the...I'm seeing double.RULES
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