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 P. Trans drowned ..............

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Andrew Leigh

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P. Trans drowned .............. Empty
PostSubject: P. Trans drowned ..............   P. Trans drowned .............. Empty1/17/2017, 2:13 am


I have a 100mm cubed glass container that I locate in the scorpion enclosure which I keep filled with water. This surface area is sufficient to provide 50 - 60% RH @ 30deg C which my P.Trans seems to enjoy. The easiest way I have found control humidity is by altering the surface area of a water dish. Anyways this container sits above the sand and looks ugly so I decided to bury half of it in the substrate which looks better.

The following morning at 05:00 I wake up and my gorgeous 7i is laying in the bottom of the water (only easily visible with UV torch), drowned. With great distress I remove her and place her flat in the substrate to dry so I can measure her. I leave for work.

13:00 I phone my wife to share the bad news and she goes to take a look but cannot find said female which was left in plain view on the substrate. She does not shine with the torch as it is daylight.

21:00 I get home and the female is back at the bottom of the water. I ask my wife why she put the female back into the water and she replies that she did not. I remove the female and "is that movement I see", no. I place her back on the substrate.

21:30 go back to the enclosure to measure her and she is waltzing around the enclosure as if nothing happened. So on two occasions she spent what I would estimate to be a period of 6 hours each under water. Amazing creatures.

So chuffed she is alive, and squeaky clean Very Happy .
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P. Trans drowned ..............
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