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 I need help, Riley might be dying?

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I need help, Riley might be dying? Empty
PostSubject: I need help, Riley might be dying?   I need help, Riley might be dying? Empty2/17/2015, 3:33 pm

Hey! So i have an Emperor scorpion. His name is Riley and I got him from a local exotic pet store. The man was surprised I've now had Riley for almost 2 years (maybe it has been? i am not sure when i initially got him! could be more). He said that usually people who buy scorpions from him, the scorpion will die a few days later because the man just didn't take care of them (always under a desk in tiny little containers, for who knows how long?).

Anyways, Riley has been fine up until now. His tail is straight behind him. He walks fine, he's always been a slow walker. His tail has been like this for some time now. When I poke at him, it goes right back up. I'll admit the man told me the opposite of how I should keep Riley- I have not been spraying his tank down with water to keep the humidity up- I have NEVER done this in the time I had him, either. I learned recently that I have his keep all wrong. I am going to Petco tomorrow to buy the correct soil and a heating pad and have started spraying him and will be adding saran wrap to the lid of his cage to keep humidity. I feel so bad and I hope I can bring him back to life.

Anyone know if he will make it? I have no clue how old he is, either. But he's stayed alive for all this time which is great, he's strong willed!

EDIT: the whole time i've had him, he has never molted. i just learned scorps may live 3-5 years and when i got him he was an adult i guess, and i've had him for 2-3 years now. so maybe he's going of old age?
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I need help, Riley might be dying? Empty
PostSubject: Re: I need help, Riley might be dying?   I need help, Riley might be dying? Empty3/9/2015, 6:59 pm

Hi. I'm sorry to hear about Riley.

Usually after they reach adult hood, they don't molt anymore. Or, he might be coming up on his last molt.

Also, you might have an Asian Forest Scorpion rather than an Emperor Scorpion.

Be careful with your misting, too, if you overdo it, you can cause bacteria to grow.

Cocoanut fiber is good as a substrate.

How is his appetite?

You might try posting some pics, folks here are really good about things like this if there is a pic they can look at.

Keep me posted. I'm raising two Emp scorplings right now and trying to decide whether I should continue to keep them together or separate them.

good luck hun,

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I need help, Riley might be dying?
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