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 Cricket virus or beginners trails?

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Cricket virus or beginners trails? Empty
PostSubject: Cricket virus or beginners trails?   Cricket virus or beginners trails? Empty12/16/2014, 12:13 am

So, to those of you a bit weathered in the breeding of crickets..

Have you been experiencing a continuation of the cricket virus? I no longer colonize the ones I buy from my local store because their deaths are too swift and the symptoms are those I read of the virus. I now order online. I cleaned the tank, set up the colony and still crickets are dying left and right. I'm going to be trying a few things differently. More varieties of food more often, more egg cartons, etc. It's too early to point at the virus, especially since I'm a newbie ar feeder breeding, but it's starting to look like "memory lane."
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Cricket virus or beginners trails?
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