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 Hoffmannius spinigerus

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PostSubject: Hoffmannius spinigerus   Hoffmannius spinigerus Empty7/13/2013, 10:29 am

1. Deliberate mating of an adult pair (10 strong communal) x2

* Brood status: Successful
* Instar of the male/female pair: unknown, WC
* Steps taken to mate the pair: Stored in a 5.5g communal 10 strong. Never saw spermataphores, but separated after an instance of cannibalism.
* Duration taken for signs of gestation: 6 months in, they start to show signs of being gravid, eating and slowly, slowly growing. They only really show embryos and the black spinal cord showing through the plural membrane ~7-9 months in.
* Environmental conditions for the gravid female: 60% sand, 40% cocofiber.
To test environmental conditions and to see how to get the optimum brood,
one was in a 4x4x4" cube, one in a 2.5g tupperware. One end of each enclosure (~35% of total area) was heavily sprayed once a week. In addition, note the tupperware had only a few holes drilled in each side and was kept just as warm. Despite being from AZ and the surrounding area, they prefer moist areas and only tolerate hotter temps when they're gravid.
* Gestation period: ~9-12 months unknown as i never saw a spermataphore
* Number of young born: ~12/50++
* Number of young eaten by mom: 4/~1
* Number of young surviving to 2.instar: 3/50++. Having a large environment and more area for it to be moist and to regulate body temp allows for stronger broods regardless of specie, and this one is no different, but the results are so significant that it bears mentioning.

The small brood
Hoffmannius spinigerus IMG_20130701_100809

The large brood
Hoffmannius spinigerus IMG_20130702_224843
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Hoffmannius spinigerus
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