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 Some observations on P. Trans

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Andrew Leigh

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PostSubject: Some observations on P. Trans   6/7/2015, 10:53 am


1. My only surviving female from my first brood developed an odd habit which has obviously been introduced by me. I used to feed her with tweezers holding the food item before her. She developed and odd pose when the enclosure lid was opened, her chelae were immediately raised upwards in anticipation of food. I no longer feed her directly but leave the food item to freely roam and the habit has since changed back to her holding her chelae in a normal position.

I wonder if scorpions can be conditioned?

2. Today I went to the main enclosure, a 3 foot aquarium. In this I have 69ea 3i P.T's all in separate containers and in the main part of the aquarium is my adult female 7i. The adult male 7i is in a smaller enclosure inside the 3 foot tank as well. Well he managed to escape his enclosure into the main area which houses the female. As I approached the aquarium I saw him on his back looking dead, I immediately thought that the female may have killed him. There was no movement ........... until I lifted the lid that is. Suddenly he flipped over and with great speed ran for cover, clearly in great shape. He is still slim so I think that a moult is out of the question.

Any thoughts?

3. Well so far 69 of the second brood of 80 have made it through to 3i as opposed to 1 from my first brood of 84. Adding humidity has certainly helped (thanks TheGromGrom). I am struggling to maintain RH without the enclosure smelling very musty and frankly in my opinion unhealthy. Where I live the winter is very dry and natural humidity levels run at about 30% RH, my enclosures are located in my garage which runs at about 10 degrees C in winter so the heaters work overtime to maintain an enclosure temperature of 30 degrees C. All that the heaters do is to remove all the humidity so unless I am adding 500ml of water every week odd the humidity levels naturally drop to 10% and less.

I have checked the sticky's but I am not sure which way to go. The enclosure is really musty when the right amount of water is added to the sandy substrate in order to increase the humidity.

Any thoughts?
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Tongue Flicker

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PostSubject: Re: Some observations on P. Trans   6/17/2015, 10:59 pm

My female P.trans got a lot calmer when she reached maturity.

You can try putting in a chunk of fresh coal in corner of your tank to absorb unwanted odors inside
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Some observations on P. Trans
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