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 Some observations and future plans in Haus of Joey (Shakudo)

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PostSubject: Some observations and future plans in Haus of Joey (Shakudo)   1/5/2014, 4:55 pm

Hey guy and gals, What a Face 

A few observations as from my personal experiences, which might be interesting to my fellow scorpion fans:

- P. Cavimanus, resilient and tough little girl can withstand, small  "beginner" errors, and is a hardy species. She has not molted as far as I now, and is very secretive in her nocturnal behaviors.
I love my little bulldozer.

- H. Paucidens, extremely low metabolic rate, prefers warmth but dark surroundings, eats like a horse when she gets the chance. Loves the smallest crevices and is extremely secretive.
One of my favorite species, I love the big chela, I love the coloration, and little metasoma, it's just adorable.

- L. Quinquestriatus, wild caught and can withstand sudden temperature drops, which is logical as it comes from an area which has a high temp during the day but can drop rapidly during the night.
I see this particular individual flourish in my particular situation, from a little scorpion with mycosis spots to a big beauty, who molted out of the spots and eats well and it active enough for daily viewings. Certainly a species, on which I tend to expand on in the future. One of my favorite Buthidae ever.

A. Amoreuxi
- Haven't had her for long, but started out as very agressive and volatile, and now is making a home for herself under her stone, and is more secretive, which resulted in more relaxed behavior.
Eating was noticeably ferocious from day 1, also wild caught, and a real desert beauty.
I love Androctonus, and I have had a few of them, Australis/Bicolor.
My wishlist, is of course a new A. Australis, I have concluded that is is one of my favorite Androctonus and I always want one in my collection no matter how many scorpions I have, it's one of my first loves.

My future plans are to place linked tanks,  4 tanks a row, on every shelf with exception of one reserved for my Velvet (my Mexican Red Rump T, of 11 years old, she get's her own shelf with perhaps baby scorpions from my future projects which will be housed economically and practically.

The tanks are all a bit smaller then they have now, but as my experience tell me, quality of the housing, and making it suitable for the specific scorpion, outways a large and mostly unoccupied space. From my experience scorpions are not big on hiking, but like to wander their habitat from time to time so sufficient space is needed and given.

My expansion is focused solely on desert species, they have proven to be my preferred way of keeping scorpions, although I like to make a forrest tank as well and pull out all the charaded so to speak.

Nevertheless, I like making tanks with sand and rocks and wood and I like the whole vibe it gives me, and the main reason of course being I like desert species a lot, although I love well done forest tanks with their beautiful forest scorpions of course also very much.

I will try to start with 2 streets, one for rehousing a part of my current collection and expanding a bit, and not too much at once.

For lighting I want to buy LED strips which I will attach to the bottom of every shelf to simultaneously light the whole row and save on electricity.  For heating I will use a long heat pad which will heat approximately 1/3 of the whole row at the same time.

But as for every shelf... One LED strip... One mat... and one chain of tanks... it will cost me... So I am trying to save up and scavenge things from websites and sales, so I don't have to spend too much at once, or else i will have lighting... heat... but empty tanks and that would suck a bit or 2.

Here's an impression.

Disclaimer: This photo and it's material is from this source. And I do not claim rights as such.

That is want I want but 4 or 5 of them;) , but that's all in the future perhaps.
My room would expand quite a bit and their would be lot's of options to house all my favorite species....

As teaser here is a bit of my wishlist:

-Hottentotta Hottentotta
-Hottentotta Tamulus
-Hottentotta Jayakari
-Centruroides gracilis (communal)
-Androctonus Australis.... ( I miss one of them right now Sad)
-Androctonus (Baluchicus, Crassicauda, Mauretanicus, Bicolor) to rebuild my Androctonus collection.
-Several Leiurus Quinquestriatus
-Hadrurus Arizonensis
-Parabuthus Transvaalicus
-And if allows, Heterometrus Swammerdami, for which I will make a separate big enclosure.

So that's a bit about me, for I have returned lol! 

Happy New Years!!!

Here's Wookie:

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PostSubject: Re: Some observations and future plans in Haus of Joey (Shakudo)   1/6/2014, 6:09 am

Good plans for side by side tanks.

That Leiurus of yours is super and I may get one of these soon Wink

You may want to try adding a Parabuthus villosus to your list as these will hike the full vivarium whatever its size. They'll do it during the daytime too Wink

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Number of posts : 870
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PostSubject: Re: Some observations and future plans in Haus of Joey (Shakudo)   1/6/2014, 8:54 am

Thanks Shane! Yes I check that bad boy out Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Some observations and future plans in Haus of Joey (Shakudo)   

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Some observations and future plans in Haus of Joey (Shakudo)
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