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 Getting back into the hobby. Communal C.Vittatus

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PostSubject: Getting back into the hobby. Communal C.Vittatus   3/1/2015, 5:30 pm

Definitely not new to the forum but it has been nearly six years since I last visited. For some reason I can no longer remember my old info and the email address I signed up with is no longer active. Anyways, after six long years I am finally getting back into the hobby. Walked away from the recent Repticon Expo here in Houston with a handful of C.Vittatus. I have had a bit of experience with C.Sculpturatus but I've always wanted to try my hand at a communal tank of C.Vittatus.
    I currently have seven in a ten gallon setup, 75/25 coco fiber/sand mix, plenty of hides, and an UTH under the left side, which is kept on only during the day. So they have an average daytime temp of 80-85F and an average nighttime temp of 70-75. So far everybody seems to be getting along, aside from one small scuffle when they were introduced. I do have a very shallow water dish considering most were WC here in E. Texas where it tends to be quite humid.
   Here are a few pics my fiancee managed to take in with the terrible lighting she had. Let me know what you think!
Sorry about the glare in the first picture..
" />
And I do have a locking screen top to go along! Just missing it in the pictures!
" />

" />

" />
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Getting back into the hobby. Communal C.Vittatus
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