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 Polyped review. AVOID!

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Polyped review. AVOID! Empty
PostSubject: Polyped review. AVOID!   Polyped review. AVOID! Empty6/27/2012, 9:26 am

Experience: NEGATIVE

Seller: Polyped

-Prices- **
-Quality/Quantity- *
-Shipment- *
-Experience- *
-Overall- *

I purchased some animals from polyped last year. I bought 2 adult Hierodula and 1.1 pandinus viatoris.
The mantids came in a plastic tube with no padding and a piece of paper in the middle... Just floating around in there.. They were obviously dead on arrival, and they already had started to rot... One of the viatoris were NOT IN the package and the other I suspect wasnt a viatoris. He then promised to send me a hierodula oothecae and the missing viatoris.

For the next package, I recieved a dead ooth (with mold) and a scorpion that was NOT viatoris. Didn't even look like viatoris! It was completely black with a completely black telson. I still don't know what specie it was. It was actually the wrong sex too, I told him to send a male. To top it off he wrote the value so high I had to pay more taxes than I actually paid for the scorpions.

All in all HORRIBLE service, very slow shipping with extremely bad packaging. I gave him the chance to make it right and he just laughed at me. Final amount I had to pay including the taxes when he messed up = 140 GBP. All I had when it was over was a female pandinus viatoris (wich I strongly believe was actually cavimanus) and an unidentified female scorp........

When I sent my complaints on email he just stopped answering me.

AVOID dealing with him!
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Polyped review. AVOID!
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