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 Lychas mucronatus

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PostSubject: Lychas mucronatus   Lychas mucronatus Empty8/2/2010, 12:46 pm

Species could change if anyone has any objections to this identification, but from a few pics it looks promising to me:

I was in Pemuteran which is a city on the north coast near the west side of Bali, Indonesia...

Minding my own business, after taking a shower I dried off and set the towel on a rack. A minute or so later I decided to dry my hair more...little jerk stung me in the back of the ear.

Immediatly the pain was just a little prick...I thought it might be a small bee, but quickly developed into a numbness that spread to my forehead, nose, chin, down to my neck and ended about at my collarbone. At the site the pain was intense. My ear felt like it was burning and tingled like nothing else I have experienced (some have described it as like electricity...that is close). My inner ear felt like it I had an infection, and there was a little bit of pain that felt like it was running down a vein in my neck.

The first couple hours were not that bad. Over the next few hours I had some sweating, anxiety, and generally felt ill...mostly starting around hour 4. My heart was elevated but not racing (about 90bpm when I am typically around 65bpm). I did not eat much, felt like I might vomit if I ate a lot, and that went on noticeably until it peaked around hour 6 or 7 and then mostly went away except for a few rare waves that came off and on and ultimately ended near the end of the next day. Resting and lying down helped.

The first morning after (happened at about 2pm the day before) I was mostly feeling good when I woke up but my ear still hurt (especially to the touch). Most of the numbness other areas was gone or mostly gone, but my ear felt like a limb that was waking up from falling asleep, and in pain. Two days later the last bits of the pain had faded away.

I'll try to check back for questions but for anything pressing your best bet is to send me an email.
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Lychas mucronatus
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