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 2 Rana TEmporaria males together

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2 Rana TEmporaria males together Empty
PostSubject: 2 Rana TEmporaria males together   2 Rana TEmporaria males together Empty9/13/2009, 12:46 pm

I have 2 Rana Temporaria together in the same tank, i just witnessed a wee scuffle btween them, i know that the spawning season is starting soon and i was wondering if its safe to keep 2 males together in the same tank during spawnin season, there's no females around at all so would that still affect how they behave around each other, theyve never fought before.

I'm prety sure it wa maybe a fight cause one of them jst started hoppin like mad from the looks of it he was trying to get away from the other frog.

Any ideas?
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2 Rana TEmporaria males together
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