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 Caraboctonus keyserlingi

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PostSubject: Caraboctonus keyserlingi   Caraboctonus keyserlingi Empty2/16/2009, 7:23 pm

it stings for about 20mins, gradually getting less and less. I would describe the sting as less painful than a bee/wasp sting. more like an annoying paper cut sting


after my fingertip had finished stinging, every time i put pressure on my finger it would sting again for about 3-5 mins. go away again until i put pressure on and it would happen again


for about 2 hours this went on for as well!

Bare in mind also that i do have to take antihistamines everyday so I do not know if this would have altered the effect of the sting on me. By all means add to this if you are more medically minded than me lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Caraboctonus keyserlingi   Caraboctonus keyserlingi Empty7/3/2011, 7:26 am

I own one of these scorps it's my favourite scorp and it's never to shy what it can do.
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Caraboctonus keyserlingi
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