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 Queenie , hiding & pregnant.. ??

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Queenie , hiding & pregnant.. ?? Empty
PostSubject: Queenie , hiding & pregnant.. ??   Queenie , hiding & pregnant.. ?? Empty8/19/2017, 9:20 am

Hi all,

Following on from my "Introduce yourself" post and my question re Queenie,

From Callum B....There are two possible scenarios with your new scorpion.

The first is that it is pregnant, and is at a stage where it's preparing to give birth soon and has buried away into a suitable and safe place for parturition.

The other is that the scorpion is not an adult yet and is very close to moulting. Towards the latter part of scorpions' growth periods (instars) they will become what is known as pre-moult, where the scorpion will become very fat, stop eating and in many cases bury or hide away in preparation for ecdysis.

In either case, all you can do is wait. Do not offer food if the scorpion has been refusing it. If the scorpion is a species from humid areas, ensure that high humidity is maintained. If it's a species from an arid area, raising the humidity slightly for either scenario (gravid or pre-moult) is beneficial. Wetting a corner of the enclosure will suffice. Warmth is also important for both these processes, so make sure it's enclosure is around the same temperature as what the species would be experiencing in the wild....

....I have removed the dead cricket I found that Queenie didn't eat. I  gentle dug her up just to check on her and believe she is fine.
The substrate peat is still very damp to the point of being very close to wet and yet I haven't added any more moisture to it . I may have created this tank with too much dampness in it.

Heating the enclosures isn't possible yet, I have been assured that even though it is winter here in West Aus we dont get cold enough to detrimentally affect the scorpions health. Room temps are fine as the house is not to bad.

I was concerned due to Queenie not eating and not being visible at any time of night or day for over a week.

 NewbIs this Normal Behaviour ?. Question

I have absolutely no idea what breed either  one is  

Hopefully the photo will show here and you can see the babies as I am told along her side as white lumps.

Queenie..Queenie , hiding & pregnant.. ?? Queeni10

Princess..Queenie , hiding & pregnant.. ?? Prince10


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Queenie , hiding & pregnant.. ??
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