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 2 weeks after giving birth

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2 weeks after giving birth Empty
PostSubject: 2 weeks after giving birth   2 weeks after giving birth Empty6/11/2014, 4:27 pm

2 weeks after birth, a few of the babies aren't on mom's back anymore, but they don't look too different from when they were born. I don't think they have molted yet. And yesterday, mom was trying to eat a few babies, so I immediately fed her some food, and she dropped the scorplings immediately.

That brings the casualty to at least 3. I know mom has eaten at least one on the night they were all born. And it's possible she's eaten more since then.

I'm really confused right now. She wasn't this hungry a few days ago. And is it about the right time for the babies to dismount? I tried putting a few back on her back yesterday so she wouldn't try eating them.
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2 weeks after giving birth
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