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 White Mites on Emperor Scorpion

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PostSubject: White Mites on Emperor Scorpion   4/13/2013, 9:29 am

Hi Guys, I've a baby emperor scorpion which is got a few months back Now since the first week I got it I noticed a bunch of mite like bugs on leftovers after a feeding. I always remove the leftovers the next day, usually a leg or small scraps. For the past two months now i've noticed these mites got onto my scorpion itself (Note the scorpion has not moulted since I got it, and eats very rarely, I do offer it food weekly). I've turned him around and noticed there are more mites on the bottom of him. I can't find much other info on these mites and can't seem to rid of them, even when drying the cage out and not feeding for weeks they're still on him. I don't know what I can do to rid him of these pests, I really can't find these "predatory mites" which seems to pop up a lot on the web searches. Is there anything else I can do to help the poor bugger? it's my first scorpion and I really don't want it to die. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you
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PostSubject: Re: White Mites on Emperor Scorpion   4/13/2013, 9:53 am

Immersing your Pandinus imperator in water might help.

Another thing you could do is put him in a small deli container, and cover the sides and bottom with moist paper towels. Change them every day until you don't see any mites. Before you put him back in, do a complete substrate change, and then reintroduce him.

Post picture of the suspects so we can determine if they are mites or springtails, but it sunds like mites.
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PostSubject: Re: White Mites on Emperor Scorpion   4/13/2013, 5:34 pm

Or. Leave him be. I had an emp molt and found white mites running around and after the molt I found he had lost one of his legs to a semi bad one. So the mites where just doing clean up duty.
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PostSubject: Re: White Mites on Emperor Scorpion   4/14/2013, 7:45 pm here is a site that list some of the more harmful mites to scorpions. I have had many white mites before in my emperors cages and freaked out the first time i saw them. What i did was i change out the whole cage and left the scorpion in a quarenteen container with sand for about 2 days as and disenfected the entire cage and added all new bedding water dish and everything else nothing from the old encloser went into the new encloser except for the scorpion. This was over 7 years ago though and i quickly learned after that. They were just harmless bedding mites that would feed and thrive off of a humid environment with some dead crickets hanging around. fairly harmless to the scorpion. I wouldnt worry about it unless they look like they are directly attacking the scorpion in large numbers and not just crawling across them. Reference the link i posted.
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PostSubject: Re: White Mites on Emperor Scorpion   

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White Mites on Emperor Scorpion
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