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 T Gender??

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PostSubject: T Gender??   5/27/2011, 2:09 pm

Something I've been wondering for a couple days now, How do you tell the gender on a Tarantula?? Thanks!
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PostSubject: Re: T Gender??   5/27/2011, 5:43 pm

Gah Wyat friend, that is too much too sum up without pictures as a guideline.
There is, however, much to be found on the web and google!

It basically boils down to some wait and see when it gets adult.

Males will have smaller abdomen, look paler in comparison to females and they will have significantly longer legs. On top of that, they will have two red bulbs on there pedipalps.

This is where they store their semen.

Females will be full coloured, big bodied and a little less leggy. Females will continue to moult even after, growing adult. Males will not. They die pretty fast after maturing.

Now you don't know how to sex juveniles but that is impossible to explain without graphics.
Some species show distinct differences from colouring to other properties to sex them.

If they don't, you have to look at their bottom.

Basically if they got a sac, they are female.. If the line between the first booklungs is solid, it is a male. Males also have black little hairs just in front of the booklungs. A small patch. In reality these black hairs are spinnerets to build their spermweb with.

Females do not.

It is very hard to tell if you dont have a good few and on juveniles these patches appear very small. It is best to google up some images to see what I was talking about.

Males build a spermweb to load their pedipalps, you guessed it, with sperm.
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T Gender??
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