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 Help with determining gender?

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PostSubject: Help with determining gender?   9/23/2013, 12:08 am

Okay so I know the photo is just taken with an iphone... so not top notch quality... my apologies. I bought the scorpion Thursday and am wanting to do a 50 gallon communal enclosure with 3 females and possibly 1 male or I may just breed with my neighbors emperor of the sam size 4"-4 1/2" when they are all mature enough if his turns out to be a male. Can anyone tell with their experienced eyes if this one is a male or female please?                                                                                     photo E72B7C94-5666-4D25-A839-8DCD674B6BE3-7515-0000007E9DBFAD4F_zps654469fc.jpg                                                                                                            
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Help with determining gender?
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