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 Guess what, another OBT sac, the 2ns on this week

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PostSubject: Guess what, another OBT sac, the 2ns on this week   7/24/2008, 12:31 am

i was checking in on my inverts and something told me to look in on my 3rd female OBT, i lifted up her half claypot hide and taken a peek inside, she laid a sac. This makes 2 sac laid this week. in a 3 days time.

The funny thing is, i bred all 3 in the same day. About a month and a half before the first OBT drop her sac.
(The first one laid her sac on 6-23-08 and hatched out on 7-15-08
the second one laid her sac on 7-21-08
now the third one laid her sac 7-23-08 )
I know now that temps does matter. When the 1st one was bred i automatically places her in the back room where the temps are around 85 degrees and the sac htached out around 18 days later.
The other 2 i didn't place in the back room, they were kept in temps od around 78 degrees with the rest of my inverts expect my desert scorpions and didn't lay a sac around the same time the 1st OBT did.

The day the 2nd one dropped her sac i place her and the 3rd one in the back room and 2 days later another sac.

Now is this theory right.
I ask cuz i am still new with this mating thing

thanks for ya time
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Guess what, another OBT sac, the 2ns on this week
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