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 Crotalus o. helleri

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PostSubject: Crotalus o. helleri   Crotalus o. helleri Empty11/3/2012, 11:14 pm

These are less than 1 year old and have been with me since they were buttons. One is a Crotalus oreganus helleri, and the smaller one is a Crotalus helleri sub species.

They eat live prey and are a pain in the butt to work with.

Dont flame, thats a temporary home until I can find something more Fancy and secure that is not glass.

I since threw the pumpkin out lol.

Crotalus o. helleri Croto7

Crotalus o. helleri Croto6

Crotalus o. helleri Croto8

Crotalus o. helleri Croto4

Crotalus o. helleri Croto5

Crotalus o. helleri Croro3
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Crotalus o. helleri
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