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 I'm still having doubts [sorry]

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I'm still having doubts [sorry] Empty
PostSubject: Re: I'm still having doubts [sorry]   I'm still having doubts [sorry] Empty10/23/2012, 8:54 pm

Not trying to be rude , but please do not re post the same questions if you did not get the information you wanted to hear.

You have an emperor scorpion. Its not deadly. Research how to care for it or get rid of it.
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I'm still having doubts [sorry] Empty
PostSubject: Re: I'm still having doubts [sorry]   I'm still having doubts [sorry] Empty10/23/2012, 10:37 pm

Lioth wrote:
I didn't want to create a new thread but I'm just nervous as [[does your mother know you talk like that?]], I don't get why people are saying that this particular scorpion is DANGEROUS. What??!! It killed many of your people?!! My pedipalps are confused man!! Right now my scorpions here, actually eating a... a... cockroach-like-grasshopper or beetle something like ant.. (actually landed on the container a few minutes ago, ACCIDENTALLY. I just removed the substrate, he didn't look like he was enjoying it, the humidity was too high and the scorpion doesn't want to eat anymore? Am I overfeeding it? cmon.. he just ate a big beetle LAST 2 weeks and he doesn't want to eat anymore?! ._. that's weird bro. He looks like he's dragging his tail, but it eventually goes up?! O_O wtf.. am I just imagining things? is he even dragging it or is he just laying it down.. 'I was watching Folge 30, and when they were gathering emperor scorpions.. people also saw it while I was watching. Lol fortunately, they all speak Liberian English and I can understand them. They said it was dangerous and these people were just.. playing with them? I mean wtf these aren't deadly right? ._. OK.. I'm gonna have to ask a Scorpionologist to come here lol.. xDD but anyway..

People described it to be deadly and [[does your mother know you talk like that?] .-.] aggresive. I have no idea why. Does this particular scorpion kill? Or is/are there another scorpion(s) that has a very violent venom?

Sorry for being such a nervous-head, or an instisting-dude.. I don't really care if its deadly or not.. I'm sure that there are people here who even breed deadly scorpions, but we're talking about death here and I'm scared as hell, of it. I'm more afraid of accidentally killing someone than killing myself with it, especially with my relatives and family members.. what should I do? kill it with fire? owo

I've seen something so far, the pedipalps look exactly the same with the emperor scorpion in the internet, it's just that, the sting looks quite different. Let me see if i can post a photo of the sting, will edit later. ...

For starters, have you respected the forum rules on NOT SWEARING? rulz

I quoted what you wrote above as i realized you have the tendency to edit your posts after you have created a commotion here in the forum. For example >>

As i have said before, there's nothing wrong in being new to the hobby and asking lots of questions (of course, using the search function first is highly encouraged), the people here are all out to help out. But what is not tolerated is the attitude a person portray to the community and disrespecting our forum rules.
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I'm still having doubts [sorry] Empty
PostSubject: Re: I'm still having doubts [sorry]   I'm still having doubts [sorry] Empty

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I'm still having doubts [sorry]
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