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 Agressive crickets

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PostSubject: Agressive crickets   Agressive crickets Empty10/5/2012, 4:13 pm

This may already be posted somewhere on here, but I found this article through the bearded dragon forum.

It talks about the difference between two similar species of crickets, A. domesticus and G. Assimilis. just a quick summary, A. Domesticus is the common house cricket, completely harmless. But G. Assimilis is the Jamaican Field Cricket. They look similar and are often passed off as the same species. But G. Assimilis is VERY agressive, and has been known to kill lizards, and I would assume that it could to the same to scorpions. Just a word of caution out there to anybody who may not know. I know crickets are to be assumed to be aggressive, but I think it is just theb domestic house cricket getting a bad rep due to the G. Assimilis
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Agressive crickets
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