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 Centruroides gracilis

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PostSubject: Centruroides gracilis   Centruroides gracilis Empty2/25/2008, 10:31 pm


Back in the early 90's I had a commune tank with B. Jacksoni's (red thick tails) and Centruroides Gracilis (Florida Bark Scorpions) and have been tagged by both. The stings from both were very painful and I assume that's because they managed to squeeze out a good deal of venom in the stings. It felt like liquid fire inside my hand that spread outward from the sting site. The pain lasted roughly 24 hours with stings from both. Not something I'd really want to feel again.

What I did to help ease the pain a bit was to get a strip of gauze, wet it, and dip one side of it in baking soda. I wrapped the gauze around my finger (baking soda against the skin / sting area) and I let it dry. It did help lessen the pain just a bit... but a bit was well worth it.
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PostSubject: Centruroides gracilis   Centruroides gracilis Empty4/27/2011, 1:01 am

Just got tagged by a 4i C. gracilis about 15 minutes ago. The sensation only lasted about 3-5 minutes. It actually wasn't painful at all, nothing close to a wasp sting. Totally my fault too lol. I was trying to push it away from the water dish with my finger (yeah I know, ingenious, isn't it) and it tagged me.
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Centruroides gracilis
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