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Rony...... Empty
PostSubject: Rony......   Rony...... Empty3/22/2010, 6:02 pm

- Prices- 3/5 Price was a little high but the quality and coloration more than made up for it.

- Quality/Quantity-5/5

- Shipment-5/5

- Communication - 4/5 (language barrier)

- Experience- 5/5

- Overall- 5/5

Recently purchased a Leiurus quinquestriatus sub adult from Rony. There was a slight language barrier but the transaction was quick and without issue. Specimen was well packaged and arrived in excellent condition despite the extended shipping time (from Israel). I am VERY pleased with the quality. Striking color pattern, healthy and active. I highly recommend this seller but would caution that you must remember the extended shipping time. I would recommend paying extra for faster delivery if it is available, especially with less hardy species.
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