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 Psuedouroctonus reddelli

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PostSubject: Psuedouroctonus reddelli   Psuedouroctonus reddelli Empty1/28/2010, 1:55 am

Got tagged moving one around for pictures. It was one or two molts from full grown. Got me good in the thumb, stinging multiple times with seemingly plenty of time for envenomation. The pain was similar to a sweat bee. Maybe a little less. I blew it off and kept taking pics and flipping rocks. About 15 minutes later I thought to check on sting and couldn't remember where I was stung. There was no mark, no pain. This was my second P. reddelli sting, the first being a small juvenile that I am unsure if venom was released. I have no doubt this time. Both stings were hardly noticeable quickly going to completely unnoticeable.
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Psuedouroctonus reddelli
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