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PostSubject: SCABIES BBBQ: SoCal   SCABIES BBBQ: SoCal Empty2/20/2008, 12:31 pm

UPDATE 2/19/08:

It's looking like Saturday, March 15th ("The Ides of March") is the date -- sorry to the one or two folks who can't make it on that day. That's three weeks from this Saturday.

The actual location is in La Crescenta, not Pasadena, but we could arrange to shuttle people from Pasadena if you need a ride from the train station or something.

I will post the actual location (here) the day before the event, and then post a contact phone number the day *of* the event.

I will also start and maintain a list (below) of general categories of stuff needed, and who has signed-up to bring 'em.

In addition to folks bringing food (which people seem to do anyway with very little provocation), ;-) I would be very grateful if folks could volunteer to do any or all of the following:

1) BRING ICE (I'll be happy to reimburse you if you can bring a bunch)
2) bring an extra (full) propane tank (again, I'll be happy to reimburse you)
3) bring chairs (folding or otherwise) -- lots needed
4) bring a couple of extra folding tables
5) help setting up beforehand
6) help tearing down / cleaning up afterwards

Please PM me about any of the above.
So far, here's what folks are bringing:

DavidRS: his "famous 7-layer mexican dip and something else
~Abyss~: some kind of mexican dish...(mole seems more likely)
*this bbbq is brought to you by Celeste
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