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 Leiurus quinquestriatus

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PostSubject: Leiurus quinquestriatus   Leiurus quinquestriatus Empty10/1/2015, 4:56 pm

1. Deliberate mating of an adult pair x2

* Brood status: Successful
* Instar of the male/female pair: 7i/8i? dont know, was given both as adults for free
* Steps taken to mate the pair: male introduced to female's enclosure after placing some slate and pottery down for him to plant the spermataphore. She was fairly receptive, he was very horny, and she was fed amply beforehand until she refused food.
* Duration taken for signs of gestation: She immediately ate to her heart's content and showed embryos within a month. She was already gravid, but just needed some heat and food.
* Environmental conditions for the gravid female: 100% sand. Waterdish filled weekly. Singleton hide next to heatlamp (~95+ degrees), singleton hide away from heatlamp (~80+).
* Gestation period: ~2 months
* Number of young born: ~61
* Number of young eaten by mom: 0
* Number of young surviving to 2.instar: 55. 6 died due to molting irregularities. Many more died from just being a weak brood due to the female's prior conditions. Many refused to eat. The strong specimen were kept, sold, and given away back to the original owner of the female as part of our 50/50

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PostSubject: Re: Leiurus quinquestriatus   Leiurus quinquestriatus Empty10/3/2015, 3:34 pm

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Leiurus quinquestriatus
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