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 Latrodecus spp.

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PostSubject: Latrodecus spp.   Latrodecus spp. Empty7/11/2008, 1:23 am

I've gotten 14 confirmed Latrodectus bites over the years with a handfull of questionable bites but I'm of the persuasion that I got 3 full envenomations last night while I slept. I'm in excrutiating amounts of pain right now and was just released from the hospital with "muscle spasms" take in mind on the average person's 1-10 pain scale a 10 for them is about a 3-4 for me and I've just hit my 10. the barbituates they gave me are kicking in but the pain is not subsiding. I woke up praying for death and still went to work all day with my day starting at 4am when I wake. if the pain gets worse tomorrow then I have to go back to the er and push the issue for them to acknowledge the bites around my abdomen. I'm delerious so I'm out for the night. this contract is allegedly going to end saturday at this construction sit but I bet it never ends so I'll be a rare site for longer. noches, nacht, nuit, night - cheers
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PostSubject: latrodectus hesperus (Western Black Widow) my short account   Latrodecus spp. Empty3/1/2010, 5:23 pm

I know it is nor a scorp but I figured some of you like me own these.

Okay first off this one was not my pet.
It was a couple of years ago in mid summer about 12:00am My wife and I were "playing" when the power to the house cut off. My circuit breaker was outside. I go out with no flashlight and opened the box when I reach in through a web flip the breaker up as I do I feel a small prick on my hand. I went inside and looked at it. Looks like a spider bite. From the toughness of the web I had a good suspicion. Got my flashlight went back out and sure enough it was a widow. Almost full adult. I showed my wife and she wanted to call an ambulance. I told her no most people (adults) dont die from these. after maybe 30 min my arm was in pain shooting up from the wrist. About 2 hours into it I was in severe pain especially in my back. @ the time we lived 2 hours from the nearest hospital. About 5 hours into it I was twitching uncontrollably, having muscle spasms, and was having trouble breathing( it felt like my lungs were already full and I could not suck any more air in). I sipped cold water trying t dilute the poison in my system. but I would just vomit it out. My stomach was hurting my heart was racing my face was red. I thought I was gonna die. Needless after about 15 hours the pains were easing up. And after about 3 days i was pretty much better.
I have a new respect for these little spiders and am more careful around them

if one of these bites you it is unmistakable

In short if you get bit go to the hospital.
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Latrodecus spp.
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