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 Leopard gecko hatchlings!

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Leopard gecko hatchlings! Empty
PostSubject: Leopard gecko hatchlings!   Leopard gecko hatchlings! Empty8/19/2015, 1:05 am

I've been incubating some Leo eggs in my closet (not the best setup, I know lol) and within the last few days, one of the sets hatched! The older sibling is currently in her first shed, and very feisty, while her sister is more mellow.

I'm very pleased that these guys hatched, they were from an " accidental" first time breeding ( read that as, kids dont know just how easy it is to breed leos lol) and I've read that even among professional breeders, first time clutches often fail altogether. But these little troopers were not only viable, they survived my makeshift incubation techniques. I've never incubated eggs before, so I'm very glad these two are doing so well!
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Leopard gecko hatchlings!
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