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 Scorplings @ last!!

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Scorplings @ last!! Empty
PostSubject: Scorplings @ last!!   Scorplings @ last!! Empty1/29/2015, 12:37 pm

Its been a while since posting on here, happy to see its still the Top place to find out about our beloved arthropods. So after a long 11 months of second guessing whether she was or was not gravid, Delilah, my Pandinus imperator FINALLY gave birth, I was just as proud as when my twins were born, haha. I was lucky enough to witness some of the birthing such perfect predator can be so nurturing is beyond me.

I counted about 17 little buggers, Pictures posted. Although i had done extensive research before i bred my scorps, I was very surprised at how fat and blobby they were. at around day 3, a clutch of babies had fallen off her back, luckily i was able to roll them into her burrow, and they managed to get back up onto mom. pictures of the would be orphans.

Today I found 4-5 of the little buggers running around her tank guess their 1st stage is all done. they just to cute, if i could i would snuggle them...haha. pictures of nymphs.

my female lives in a 83 x 32cm tank, composing of 1 large hide made of driftwood, and a large water dish, 70% of the tank remains open substrate, Would you advise moving the nymphs to their own tank or can i just add more structure to her tank to accommodate them? If i do move them, what kind of housing would be required, would i need more than one tank? taking into account their are 17 of them!

Hope you guys enjoy the pictures, all input and advice will be appreciated!

Scorplings @ last!! Mother10
The Orphans:
Scorplings @ last!! Mother10
Nymphs at last:
Scorplings @ last!! Nymph10

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Callum B
Callum B

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Scorplings @ last!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Scorplings @ last!!   Scorplings @ last!! Empty1/29/2015, 2:02 pm

Champion. Congratulations. Finding a new brood clinging to their mums back never gets boring.

The next step is up to you. You can leave the babies with the mother. They're not generally cannibalistic and you may get to see mum feeding her young. Or, you can collect the babies once they've all hardened up after moulting to 2i and house them either in a tank of their own or in individual tubs. When I've raised emperor scorplings I kept them with the mother until 3i and then separated/sold them on.

Care is the same as the adults but you need to be more vigilant with keeping the humidity high and water should always be available. Feed more often than you would an adult, especially if you decide to keep them communally.

There's plenty of far more detailed posts about raising emperors that you can look up on the forum.

Good luck :-)
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Scorplings @ last!!
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