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 Exotic Lizard Toime! :D

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Exotic Lizard Toime! :D Empty
PostSubject: Exotic Lizard Toime! :D   Exotic Lizard Toime! :D Empty6/24/2014, 6:51 pm

Good day everyone and welcome to yet another scaly birthday celebration!

Shown here is a lizard that some of you may not have seen or heard of yet, Luzon Giant Forest Skink (Sphenomorphus cumingi)

This was him when he was a baby. Barely 1.5" long amd rarely seen above the soil.

Exotic Lizard Toime! :D 10411887_653515831407527_7910496165531286284_n

4 months later, he was a flamboyant wanderer Very Happy

Exotic Lizard Toime! :D 10440809_653515908074186_1244448461426547322_n

How to tame your dragon! Very Happy (mini-Godzilla mode)

Exotic Lizard Toime! :D 10401372_653515854740858_5731950489555270984_n

Taming the dragon, success!

Exotic Lizard Toime! :D 10469839_653516038074173_4578190120972762566_n

Out and About

Exotic Lizard Toime! :D 10473765_653515944740849_1584988108526415547_n

At 7 months old, Just chillin'

Exotic Lizard Toime! :D 10409329_653515968074180_8401716942953614401_n

This makes for a good Lion King remake

Exotic Lizard Toime! :D 10478206_653516004740843_5006893933535038467_n

The birthday boy!

Exotic Lizard Toime! :D 10418343_653516084740835_3117304665779889989_n

Aww the baby is stressed hence, the stare down! Razz

Exotic Lizard Toime! :D 10457192_653516118074165_3939622302221174949_n

For his bday, he had lots of snails, millipedes and rotten figs that he loves sooo much Very Happy
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Exotic Lizard Toime! :D
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