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 Sneaky Snake

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Sneaky Snake Empty
PostSubject: Sneaky Snake   Sneaky Snake Empty6/19/2014, 7:39 am

Another one of my top favorite snake, Dryophiops philippina. Not as brightly colored as most conventionally kept snake species are and maybe some of you have only heard of this snake until today but i assure you they are a delight to own. A similar looking cousin, Dryophiops rubescens, exists in Thailand.

Sneaky Snake 10437443_645266138899163_4227424411218421627_n

It moves in a semi-sidewinding movement on the ground and sways its head side to side to mimic a twig blown by the wind.

Sneaky Snake 10390269_645266062232504_718303941590539335_n

Sneaky Snake 10371932_645266102232500_8476437235410719693_n

Always alert and quick to escape

Sneaky Snake 10499546_650890311670079_6327655013958755736_o

Even as matured adults, they are just as thin as a pencil but grows to almost a meter long. Way thinner than Asian Vinesnakes (Ahaetulla) Very Happy

Happy Thursday!
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Sneaky Snake
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