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 Gold Diggers Beware!!

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Gold Diggers Beware!! Empty
PostSubject: Gold Diggers Beware!!   Gold Diggers Beware!! Empty2/22/2014, 5:43 pm

(Popular fairy tale line)

Frog Prince: Kiss me and break the witch's curse!

Gold Diggers Beware!! Frog_prince_by_baileynickerson-d5scgg4

Mrs.Froggy: I'm not royalty but i have gold too! So, can you kiss me now?! Very Happy

Gold Diggers Beware!! 1939691_636963606362822_1933208668_o

Gold Diggers Beware!! 1962532_636963566362826_756904849_o

Gold Diggers Beware!! 1891086_636963459696170_1538085286_n

Mrs.Froggy: Any takers? Promise i'll pass on some gold genes Very Happy
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Gold Diggers Beware!!
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