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 Flappy Bird

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PostSubject: Flappy Bird   Flappy Bird Empty2/7/2014, 8:59 am

In due request of some people in different forums i'm on, I'm introducing to you guys my handfed captive owls; magpie, nightingale and cuckoo..

This is them a couple of months back as babies starting to shed their down feathers off - December 1, 2013
(Sorry 'bout the photo quality and the date stamp lol)

Flappy Bird 1779986_630929423632907_1039420792_n

Flappy Bird 1902983_630929443632905_1354736757_n

Flappy Bird 1513650_630929403632909_725788858_n

Flappy Bird 1891176_630929380299578_1325502455_n

Unfortunately, nightingale and cuckoo has been sold and now have their new respective masters.

This is magpie now at 4 months, eating and hunting on her own - Again, sorry for the worse than poor quality. Took me a lot of courage just to zoom this in her face. She hates and will attack the camera at will. I almost died, you know?! LOL

Flappy Bird 1896751_631074876951695_145551266_n

Flappy Bird 1544432_631074820285034_1506997688_n

Hopefully, i could take new photos again when she's off guard Very Happy
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Flappy Bird
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