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PostSubject: elake   elake Empty10/6/2013, 8:50 pm

Ethan Lake (elake)

-Prices- 5
Good prices, there is no doubt about that.

-Quality/Quantity- 2
There was an issue with the quantity of scorpions, we had agreed on 5 H. arizonensis and 5 H. spinigerus. I received 4 H. arizonensis and 7 H. spinigerus, which is fine, but my buddy paid 10$ for 5 H. arizonensis, never mind that one died and another that is in critical condition.

-Shipment- 1
Poor packaging. 2 of the larger H. arizonensis were in tall deli containers with out any kind of cushioning. Which is why I think one of them is in critical condition. I also was under the assumption we were both going to ship on the same day, Tuesday the 1st. But he didn't ship until Thursday the 3rd.

-Experience- 3

Opinion- The seller was easy to work out the trade with me and was quick to respond. But there was quite a bit of miss-communication, on both of our parts.
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