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 My new hobby T's

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My new hobby T's Empty
PostSubject: My new hobby T's   My new hobby T's Empty8/24/2013, 6:11 pm

Let me tell you,I'm hooked! I got the bug, Bug! Currently,I own four and counting!Let's start with my X Immanis.
My new hobby T's DSC_0224_zps04caaca3
My new hobby T's 43CFB8DC-C9F5-490C-95AB-29DCAC83728B-4630-0000044BCBCB4B3F_zps4ae7fdc1
P Regalis
My new hobby T's DSC_0066_zps6325f95a
My new hobby T's DSC_0229_zps0ca2ddf2
A Versicolor
My new hobby T's DSC_0227_zps31ad77eb
My new hobby T's 9D4317E5-68B4-459B-8298-AE9AD551ED2C-4630-0000044BEDDE6D41_zps9f4eb04e
Last but not least,my favorite P metallica!
My new hobby T's EBD8BEF1-4758-4985-8931-AD31B55AB4B1-457-0000001D4F870C32_zps8681b6cf
My new hobby T's 2DBBF747-59A7-4AF8-BF45-EEE77FAF7951-7412-000007539EE68FB5_zpsa0f65387
My favorite picture and most recent!
My new hobby T's 98F394BA-37B2-420B-B80E-50702AB62F80-4630-0000044BBF7A8FCD_zps9b2044dc
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My new hobby T's
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