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 Petromyzon marinus - Lampreys!

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Petromyzon marinus - Lampreys! Empty
PostSubject: Petromyzon marinus - Lampreys!   Petromyzon marinus - Lampreys! Empty8/14/2013, 2:52 pm

Lets just say hypothetically I was strange enough to want to keep a Lamprey. Has anyone successfully raised predatory -AKA parasitic- lampreys? (as opposed to filter-feeding lampreys which are more commonly kept.)

I'm just wondering in the off chance that I catch one. Seeing as there are so many efforts from countless conservation groups and rangers to exterminate them from the bodies of water around here. I don't see the harm in keeping one to study it. I wouldn't take it in if I couldn't properly take care of it so I'm mostly just overwhelmed in curiosity. What would it take to keep one alive and healthy? Would it only eat live prey or could you buy meat for it? Anyone ever keep Lampreys before?

EDIT: I found this video of a couple in a tank. Just thought I'd share

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Petromyzon marinus - Lampreys!
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