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 Attention: Be aware of scammer

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Attention: Be aware of scammer Empty
PostSubject: Attention: Be aware of scammer   Attention: Be aware of scammer Empty6/6/2013, 3:58 am

Unfortunately user Aj Kobe again seems to act like a non reliable counterpart.

We agreed in a trade of some scorpions. To please his trade wish I organized under not easy circumstances and expenses those scorpions he wanted to get for the trade. I have got them finally and informed him by PM, announcing the prepared shipment. To co-ordinate with another trade of a user from the Philippines a combined shipment was planned to save costs and efforts.

Unfortunately Aj Kobe does not answer PM since a couple of days, even he is seen online. From other users I heard that he still considers, if he will send the animals or not.

Fortunately I got this information, otherwise I would have sent my animals in best believe.

I do not feel happy about this, since it is already second time that there have been complications with deals with him.

If he does not want to sell/trade animals, he is offering here, he should inform the counterpart timely and not let animals ship on basis of trust and good believe

Owner of the group tries to mediate and to settle the dispute, but is treated by Aj Kobe in a way, that he loses his reputation.

Aj Kobe offered through him to accomplish the mentioned deal under a precondition, which is already a rediculous behavior. From a previous deal he received a H.salei, which later was identified as a hybride. Once we discussed about this, but now he wants to exchange it against a Salei as precondition for the trade agreed before. Since the sling was in 2.I, I finally accepted the precondition, but now he refuses and wants an adult Salei, since he raised the hybride sling. This behavior is a shame and disgrace for all those, who are supporting him. His position as administrator for scorpion forums and groups is a disgrace for the whole Philippino scorpion hobby community, which shoud take action to remove such individuals as responsible administrator, not to lose their worldwide reputation, reflected by one scammer in responsible position

I will remove this post, if from his side communication will be answered and agreements fulfilled
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Attention: Be aware of scammer
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