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 Set up ideas. G.grandidieri ?

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PostSubject: Set up ideas. G.grandidieri ?   4/14/2013, 2:40 pm

Ok so I have a temp set up for my G.grandidieri leftover from my G.ankarana set up. It's basically 90% black sand and a little coco fiber for humidity and a small piece of cork for a hide all in a rubber maid container. I've seen some good enclosures from you guys so help a brother out! Black sand does not work for these like the ankaranas. So here's a link to what they look like
here are my requirements:
Scorpions need to stand out I don't want black or white sand.
they need both a hide and something to climb. (semi bark scorps)
Humidity isn't as hard to control like G.ankarana they need less humidity so an occasional spraying or a small corner of moist peat.
And I think that's pretty much it.
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PostSubject: Re: Set up ideas. G.grandidieri ?   4/14/2013, 3:01 pm

Heres my idea. At Petsmart they have these little bags of hermit crab sand and it comes in yellow as one of the choices. You'll need probably 2 of them at most. Mix in the eco earth at a 50-50 ratio. Make like 1 inch total. You'll probably have extras of both, so just use that for future scorpions that we all know you'll have.

Then, if you have a firewood pile, go rip off the outer layer of bark. Place them on the substrate like this:

Then, cover up the edges so it looks like the bark is actually in the soil. Leave crevices so it can slip in and out whenever it wants. You can then add plants that would replicate the environment.
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Set up ideas. G.grandidieri ?
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