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 Ophistothalmus walberghi

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PostSubject: Ophistothalmus walberghi    4/2/2013, 6:48 pm

2. Purchased/ Wild-caught a gravid female

* Brood status: Successful
* Environmental conditions for the gravid female:

Normally, I keep these guys on coco/sand mix and I keep one corner quite moist. This time, I went with 100% coco and kept 75% of the enclosure moist. She was kept close to my 100W heat lamp and would sun herself directly as much as possible.

I've had her since ~8/2012. Once I noticed her eating more than usual, and trying to sun herself, I suspected she had stored sperm before being collected/on the transit. After 5+ months of direct heat and ample food and water, she gave birth on 3/6/2013.

All things considered, I should have given her a better heat gradient despite her tendency to only want to be exposed to heat. I feel like my brood could have been larger/healthier.

* Number of young born: 17
* Number of young eaten by mom: 0
* Number of young surviving to 2.instar: 17. 2 died post molt due to complications.

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PostSubject: Re: Ophistothalmus walberghi    4/2/2013, 7:46 pm

Congratulations! Great information for others attempting breeding projects. Hope the brood continues to be healthy.
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Ophistothalmus walberghi
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