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 Thorsten Trapp

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PostSubject: Thorsten Trapp   4/2/2013, 6:10 pm

A colleague bought a number of scorps from him after Hamm. They were sent to Spain from Germany and 3 desert scorps then promptly were forwarded on to me. Adult females P liosoma and A amourexi arrived dead, completely ridden with mycosis and a male P liosoma died a few days after.

We asked him about this today and he says they were in his care for some months after being caught but in good condition and that all wild caughts have mycosis. He even implied it was something i may have done. As he does not offer guarantee he will not replace.

I will let you be the judges of the state of the male liosoma in the last pictures.

He offered a good price on some other species he was getting. I would not have anything off this ripoff merchant even if it was free.

Be warned and buy captive bred!

His response:


my scorpions that you buy are in good healthy and i have it for many month in my stock!
why they die at you customer?
the mycose is normal at wildcaughts... but no problem for it...
i cant give you new scorpions i havent a garantie of it... i dont know what you do with the animals....

you can buy new import scorpions of leiurus and androctonus in a few weeks for special price....
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Thorsten Trapp
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