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 Two new additions to the question

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PostSubject: Two new additions to the question   2/12/2013, 12:48 am we finally picked up our two emps once I made sure their home was perfect. Both have white telsons, so I am assuming they are young, though I don't know exactly how old. I was able to get a glimpse of their pectines as we were introducing them into their new home and it appears that I may have a male and female. However, this would be the first time that I have ever tried to sex these creatures so I may be wrong.

They both seem to be doing very well and burrowed immediately. Unfortunately, I probably stressed them out tonight when one of them burrowed his way into a plastic log (bad idea....noted ). I didn't know if he was stuck inside or not because we had not seen him for the past 2 days and I wanted to remove that log so it wouldn't happen again, so we had to break the log apart piece by piece until we were able to get him out. He seems to be doing fine at the moment and burrowed as soon as he was put back inside his home.

Anywho, currently I have red lights within the lid and was hoping to use LED, but didn't know if that was safe. Will white or blue LEDs hurt them? I have set up my terrarium in the living room and would like to use the terrarium as a light source at night if possible. Even if the light is dim, I just like the look of it, but I do not want to upset or harm my little babies. I have a heat pad for their heat source, so I would like to stay away from heat lamps if possible. Any suggestions would be helpful.
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PostSubject: Re: Two new additions to the question   2/12/2013, 1:25 am

Well congrats on your new babies. Red light is fine. Sounds like you got it down. Constant stress is bad, of course, but occasionally looking for them won't have any long term effects. Just make sure you check out the caresheet section keep them warm and moist
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PostSubject: Re: Two new additions to the question   2/12/2013, 3:12 pm

You should use a Moonlite Shadow Glo Neodymium Gamma Ray Reptile Whatever bulb. Razz Just kidding, of course.

Like Abyss said, red light is fine. White or blue LED won't directly hurt them, but it may very well stress them out if they are too bright. There are alot of blue "moonlight" LED lights available for aquarium enthusiasts. They look a bit fake to me though...more like being under a blue neon light than actual moonlight. Real moonlight isn't actually blue; sometimes the night-time world just appears that way to us due to the Purkinje effect. Moonlight is a "white" light that has a color temperature of around 4100 k and is usually significantly less than one lux even during a full moon. This varies of course with the lunar cycle, location, and other factors. I've considered attempting to make a somewhat natural looking moonlit terrarium set-up using white leds and a dimmer to significantly dial back the light intensity. Higher kelvin LEDs would probably give a better effect though, giving off a "cooler" light to help compensate for replicating a natural look on such a relatively small scale. I haven't tried it yet though, so I have no idea how it may effect natural scorpion behaviors, if at all. It would be interesting experiment, though.
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PostSubject: Re: Two new additions to the question   

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Two new additions to the question
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