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 Odd Posing

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PostSubject: Odd Posing   2/6/2013, 11:46 pm

So tonight, my smallest and most reclusive Emp, Soshi, decided to come out of her hide and adopt a rather odd position.

She's been in this pose for a good hour or so. I wonder if she's beginning her molt.

I noticed what I think may be a split, starting from the 'shoulder joint' of her claws, running over her first two legs.

As I was writing this, I realized I had a blacklight in reach.

The 'split' is bright under the light, which, if my understanding of Scorpion physiology is correct, means that i's not 'fresh molt skin'. However, the process put her back under the rock.

Since her retreat, I grabbed the two prey items and removed them from her tank. Maybe overnight I'll have a shed skin to marvel at?
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Odd Posing
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