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 Not sure about my emps

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PostSubject: Not sure about my emps   1/28/2013, 1:31 am

Hey everyone, I'm new obviously... I have three Emperor scorps. All adults, I bought two together, probably had them almost a year now, and I bought another in November. They're in a 20g long with four hiding spots and two water dishes. I also have a heat lamp on them, inferred 50w light so it's normally in the high 70's - 80's. I mist the tank often but can't keep humidity at all... I've never seen them burrow or molt. But they eat twice a week two crickets at a time. And it's not often they refuse a meal but it's happened.

So here's my tank...

Most of the time they're all under the skull together but they'll sit in the pots too.

This is Roman, I'm not sure if this was male or female, I guessed male, but I may be wrong on that. He's pretty cool though, out of the three he's the only one I've held, he's normally not aggressive.

This is Solome, she's not as chill as Roman, funny thing with her is I bought her with her stinger attached, and somewhere down the long I'm not sure when, but she doesn't have one any more... I've gotten odd looks when I've asked my reptile guys. So I'm not sure how that happened. I think she is a female, but again not sure.. And I've noticed she's gotten chubby recently.

This is Medusa, she's the newest addition, she fought with the other two when I first got her but I redid the tank then and ever since they're fine.

So when I bought her, they were sure she was gravid and she came in to the store that way, she's gotten bigger since November.. So I wanted to confirm that.. Plus I have no clue what to do if and when she pops.

So my questions are basically sexing and if Medusa is gravid. And any other comments or idea's on my tank set up, keeping humidity, and all that.
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PostSubject: Re: Not sure about my emps   1/28/2013, 2:08 am

put a sheet of plastic or plexi glass under your screen to reduce the air flow out the top. Don't put any under your lamp as it will melt.The first two by the color of the stingers are full grown and will not molt ever. That last one cold be gravid. I need to see the color of the stinger or you can just confirm it yourself. If it's white or yellow or milky then a molt will happen eventually. if it is the same color as the other ones then she is full grown and once female is confirmed... likely gravid.

In my opinion she looks prego to me.

Sorry for the edit I looked at the under pic and she is a she. And after getting really close I think I see a hint of red stinger too. I'm calling girl/gravid with a %99 guarantee. How long have you had her? Start counting the months as she won't be gravid in 18... or less if you can figure out when she was around boys.
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PostSubject: Re: Not sure about my emps   1/30/2013, 9:39 am

Welcome to the forum. You haven't seen your Emps burrow because your substrate is not deep enough for them to burrow. Shocked An Emperor enclosure should have at least 6 inches of damp packed coco-fiber or peat as substrate. You can keep the substrate moist by pouring water on it once a week or setting up a false bottom. Humidity in the substrate is more important than humidity in the air; sealing up most of your top will help retain both.

Emperor burrow:
For your hides, break a couple of your flower pots into pieces and use the largest. Embed them in the substrate and make a shallow depression under each. Scorpions prefer tight cramped spaces over cavernous ones.

Emperor hide:
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PostSubject: Re: Not sure about my emps   

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Not sure about my emps
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